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Micro Bird designs and manufactures a complete line of school buses with capacities of up to 36 passengers. Whether you need a single rear wheel, a dual rear wheel, an electric, propane or gas model, we have the bus that fits your needs.

Micro Bird is a family-owned and operated company. Since 1966, we have pushed ourselves forward to continuously innovate and build the best products available on the market. After 55 years as a Type A school bus manufacturer and supplier, Micro Bird developed a reputation as the industry leader thanks to the quality of our products and our relentless drive towards innovation.

Known initially as Girardin Minibus, Micro Bird’s head office and manufacturing plant are in Drummondville, Quebec. In 2009, through a joint venture with Blue Bird Corporation, Girardin Minibus became what we know today as Micro Bird. This one-of-a-kind alliance between two respective market segment leaders, Blue Bird for Type C and D, while Micro Bird for Type A propelled both companies to new heights in the school bus industry across North America.


Our Micro Bird Commercial Bus line can carry up to 28 passengers and is designed and manufactured with the purpose to fit your every need. According to the market you serve, there are various options and accessories to choose from, whether for tours, assisted living, public transit, shuttle markets, and much more.


Micro Bird Multi-Function School Activity Buses are offered in single or dual rear wheels and may carry 14 to 36 passengers. With a variety of lengths, interior roof heights and configurations, our buses can safely accommodate all your ambulatory and special needs transportation routes.


Our Multi-Purpose Vehicles can carry up to 9 passengers. Why choose a van when you can have all the benefits, advantages and safety of our Micro Bird minibuses? Only a standard driving permit is required to operate our MPVs which offer superior passenger comfort and safety.

Alternative fuel

Always in search of innovation, Micro Bird has added to its fleet a wide selection of buses with a simplified emissions system (or zero emissions) and improved performance by offering alternative fuels intended to preserve the environment such as propane or electricity. For instance, the Micro Bird G5 Propane bus offers economical service training and easy maintenance that saves time.

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